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Skilled Trades Agency will help you hire the right person for your team. We believe that every company is different. Getting to know our client and the culture of their company is our primary goal. Our team of specialized construction recruiters will work with you throughout the hiring process to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Save time and money. Turnover is expensive. Stop posting your own ads, filtering through hundreds of bad resumes and hiring the wrong people. We are a complete human resource service agency that covers everything from pre-selection interviews to background and reference checks. We bring you nothing but the best people at your every convenience.

You only pay if we find you the right person. Our fees run on a contingent basis and are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. There are no upfront costs and you do not pay us until we get you the person that you are looking for.


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Let us power your company with the skill and manpower that you need to drive through the market’s demands. Whether it is your busy season or if you just took on a new project and need some extra hands, Skilled Trades Agency now offers temporary and contract staffing of skilled tradesmen and labourers.

All of our staff are fully covered for all legal fringes including WSIB, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension and Vacation Pay. We also cover all paperwork such as paycheques, record of employments and annual T4's. We give you the peace of mind knowing that all of your workers are covered without having the hassle of complex payroll administrations. At the end of each week, you will receive one invoice for the hours worked. That is all!

With our on-demand staff, we approach all assignments with the same importance of every other task and ensure that we only send out the best people. Our team and workforce is what separates us from all other competitors.


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