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Job Reference ID: 5773835Location: Bramptonjob type: Full Time

Our client is a world leader in the manufacturing of woodworking and metal fabricating machines. They manufacture a complete range of reliable, high precision machines that include Angle Notchers and CNC Laser Cutting Machines. Operating for over 45 years, they have established themselves as the industry of specialists and leaders for machine manufacturers. They are seeking a Service Engineer to join their team.

Job Reference ID: 8033368Location: Ottawajob type: PermanentCompensation: $27.94/Hour

Our client is a recognized academic hospital in Ontario. They have successfully made the list of the "World's Best 1000 Hospitals" and have become an innovative and prestigious organization offering the best service of person-centred care. Serving over 1.2 million people, they have earned special accreditation and support from many partners and joining the ranks of becoming Canada's top 40 research hospitals. They are seeking a Power Engineer to join their team!

Job Reference ID: 8642086Location: Ottawajob type: Full Time

Our client is a large, recognized leader in facility operations management services. For over 40 years, they have set the standard within their industry with their extensive knowledge in managing critical environments including data centers, central utility plants, healthcare facilities and commercial buildings across North America. They are currently seeking an Operating Engineer to join their team in Ottawa.

Job Reference ID: 5164198Location: Torontojob type: Full Time

Our client is a large reputable company who delivers award-winning, high quality and cost effective solutions to their clients every day. They are a leading provider in corporate real estate needs. Offering services in facility management, real estate management, project delivery, professional and workplace solutions. Their knowledge of change in this industry has successfully made themselves one of the largest recognized leaders in real estate management services across North America. They are currently seeking a Shift Engineer to join their team.