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What Makes Us Different?

Quality- we have skilled workers readily available to start working within a very short notice. Sta spends 30% of all revenue on seeking and screening candidates in the construction industry with a current pool of over 10,000 candidates in the construction field, our niche has allowed us to become second to none in the building industry.


Construction: Subcontract or Direct Hire?

Subcontracting work or hiring permanent employees in the trades was the topic discussion this week among several different construction owners and professionals. More often than not, employers tend to prefer subbing out, is that the smarter thing to do?


Hiring Seasonal Workers

If your staff needs are seasonal -- for example, you need extra workers during the summer or during multiple projects -- then temporary employees could be the answer to your problem. Read more...

Test Before You Hire: The Temporary to Permanent Hiring Strategy

So you want to hire, and it's taking longer than expected to discover the right candidate. In the meantime, projects have been put on hold with no one to move them forward. What to do? Here are 2 reasons why more and more construction companies are choosing the Temporary to Permanent Hiring Strategy.


Why Construction Companies are Hiring Temporary Staff for their Projects

There has been an increase in small to medium sized construction companies employing temporary staffing for their workforce. Here’s why: Read more...

Mandatory WSIB Coverage in the Construction Industry

The Ontario government has changed the law to expand coverage in the construction sector. The new rules began on January 1, 2013