Test Before You Hire: The Temporary to Permanent Hiring Strategy

So you want to hire, and it’s taking longer than expected to discover the right candidate. In the meantime, projects have been put on hold with no one to move them forward. What to do? Here are 2 reasons why more and more construction companies are choosing the Temporary to Permanent Hiring Strategy.

1. The “temporary” time-frame allows the employer to determine whether there is an actual need for an additional employee to cover that particular role, long-term. With a low-risk, no-obligation temp worker fulfilling the job, you’ll be able to determine if the role is really necessary. Should it be full-time or part-time? Maybe it’s seasonal? Does the role improve pro¬ductivity? Is it worth the expense? If not, simply end the temp contract with no messy loose ends to tie up. If you decide that there is the need, then you will go “perm”. A temp to perm hiring strategy allows you to keep business moving forward by retaining pre-screened, highly-skilled professionals for speci¬fied periods.

2. You and the candidate get an opportunity to test the job before making a commitment. The purpose of that is so that the employer can first of all evaluate the new “temp” as to his/her performance, and if acceptable, they will then hire them as a permanent employee. If not up to standards, they can release the “temp” without having to worry about unemployment insurance or any other benefits or premiums. Anyone can look good on paper, but you don’t really know whether they’re a good match until you see them in action.

Specializing in construction employment, Skilled Trades Agency takes an unparalleled approach to finding the most high-potential candidates, whether it’s for a full-time hire or a temporary role. We are not about grabbing the first “temp” available. With over a decade’s experience, Skilled Trades Agency has built a reputation on making the perfect match for each client.