5 Tips for Hiring and Keeping Top Employees

Skilled Trades Agency: 5 Tips for Hiring and Keeping Top Employees

Because it is the quality of your skilled trades team that gives you the competitive edge, hiring should be done carefully and strategically. Here are five ways to attract top candidates to your company:

1. Interview Many Candidates: Even though you will not be interested in most candidates, Commit to meeting a number of people to ensure that you are hiring the absolute best.

2. Ask Probing Questions: The only way to find out if candidates will be a good fit for your company is to ask a lot of questions to discover everything from what their career goals are to their energy levels.

3. Check References: Speaking to previous employers can give you good insight on how their experience was with a candidate.

4. Clarify Expectations: New employees don’t always know exactly what is expected of them. It’s important to communicate expectations clearly prior to hiring any skilled tradesman.

5. Offer Attractive Compensation: Money represents recognition and fairness. Talented Tradesmen expect their skills to be acknowledged and their compensation is the best way to do that!