Hiring With Skilled Trades Agency

What Makes Us Different?

Quality- we have skilled workers readily available to start working within a very short notice. Sta spends 30% of all revenue on seeking and screening candidates in the construction industry with a current pool of over 10,000 candidates in the construction field, our niche has allowed us to become second to none in the building industry.

How Do We Screen?

The reality is, there is no way to test someone’s skills without seeing them on site and at work. It is our job to screen as many people as possible and find the ones who are the best suited for the job. As part of our filtering process, we ensure that we cast a wide net to reach the highest potential of applicants by marketing the position to the right people at the right time. As recruiters, we must always ensure that a promising number of applicants have been considered for the role.

What Do We Look For?

Although there are many factors that come into play when we pre-screen candidates, previous relevant experience plays a vital role in deciding if someone is qualified for a position. An applicant’s previous work history is a very good starting point that we use to decide if A- the candidate has worked in the same or a similar position before and B- How may years have they worked in this field.

How Do We Validate?

Although resumes are a great starting point to get a quick understanding of someone’s profile, in the construction industry, resumes are only the starting point and should not be considered a determining factor when deciding to hire. For obvious reasons, resumes are highly opinionated and can easily be misunderstood. Formalizing the hiring process in the construction industry for some positions is a fairly new standard with many companies. We appreciate this new standard and therefore set apart our industry from others by realizing that we as recruiters, must do a thorough job at probing candidates prior to making any referrals to our clients.

Our Process

1. The Search – STA uses many different search methods. This includes; posting on our website and social media sites, posting job ads on over 25 different affiliated sites, a listing on our bi-weekly job report that is distributed to more than 10,000 recent and past applicants within the industry, and finally, headhunting candidates that are currently employed at other companies.

2. Pre-screening – Our recruiters carefully go through all applicants for the position and assess qualifications by reviewing their resumes, phone and in-person interviews along with conducting reference checks with previous employers.

3. Candidate referral – Our recruiters then forward qualified candidates to our client’s hiring managers. Hiring managers then decide who they would like to arrange an interview with to further assess their qualifications.

4. Selection – This part is left to the clients’ hiring manager to decide who they would like to hire. Although we make professional opinions and referrals, it is ultimately up to the client to determine who will best fit the culture of their company.

Our Guarantee

Ultimately, STA ensures the satisfaction of our clients’s hiring and staffing. We provide a guarantee with both our permanent and temporary placements, warranting our commitment to the highest quality of service with all of our clients. Our priority is to build long lasting relationships with our clients and to ensure that we have provided them with the means and talent to make their company a success.