How to Improve Your Job Search During Covid-19

Since Corona arrived, everyone has been asking, “Will Corona slow down the hiring process? Should we expect layoffs or hiring freezes?” There have certainly been many Canadians out of work, and the CERB and EI have helped many get through a difficult time. But it’s time to get back to looking for a job, so how can you improve your job search during COVID-19? 

Will searching be harder? Probably. Possibly. But it’s not at a complete standstill; it has just become more competitive. The three most important elements for a COVID job search are:

  1. Don’t wait to get started
  2. Anticipate delays
  3. Follow up

Think of COVID like any other hiring obstacle you ever experienced. Control what you can control. So, you can control the actions you take—virus or no virus.

Getting in the Door

Most jobs (especially the good ones) don’t show up on a job board somewhere. Few really great positions come from “cold” contacts. The kind where you send an application form or your resume to respond to a public listing (usually online) seldom works out. Not that you should stop sending those in! But it’s a numbers game, and the numbers aren’t good. That’s where you have the most competition, with the least ability to differentiate yourself. 

What you can do is get a really good resume. Use some graphics and make a nice PDF. Add your picture, especially if you have one of you at work! Do NOT use your graduation photo, an old picture or a crazy profile selfie of your signature goofy smile. 

Using an Agency or Personal Contacts

The easiest way to get in the door is to have someone else open it for you. If you have personal contacts in your industry, now is the time to call in every favour! Let everyone know you are actively seeking a position. Stand tall and proud and sound like you are ready to go to work! 

During COVID, many companies have outsourced their hiring to reduce workloads and streamline the process. As a result, it is even more advantageous in your job search to register with Skilled Trades Agency to get matched up with an ideal company and job. 

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