Refresh Your Resume for Post-COVID-19 Job Hunting

Is it finally time for a career change? Do you need a job because you were out of work during the peak of the pandemic? You have probably noticed that the post-COVID-19 job hunt is somewhat different. Sure, there more remote job offerings, video job interviews, and all those physical distancing rules. But also employers are changing what they want in candidates.

COVID-19 has changed the economy and job roles in the workplace enough to shift the skills employers seek. Technology and communication skills and the ability to adapt to change are in even higher demand now. So, you need to reflect those skills on your resume for employers to see. Otherwise, you risk employers overlooking you because other candidates know to highlight those skills.

The Skillsets to Highlight on Your Resume Post-COVID-19

A new focus on these skillsets has employers seeking candidates who highlight these on their resumes:

  • Technology – What skills do you have with technology? Outline abilities like using different software. Specifically, highlight any certifications you have. Do you have strong data analytics skills? How familiar are you with the different kinds of remote software? What types of devices can you use?
  • Communications – What communications tools have you worked with before? What skills do you have? How are your written communications? (Your blog might be good evidence here!) Do you have public speaking skills? How is your motivation level? Do you have leadership skills? How are you at problem-solving? Can you demonstrate flexibility in your previous positions? These are key skills for success in today’s age.
  • Ability to Adapt to Change – Evidence of change management skills take you to the top of the resume pile for employers. How did you manage the ever-changing situation during COVID-19? Are you willing to complete any of your work remotely? Do you have home office space suitable for completing paperwork or conducting remote meetings, especially with flexible hours across time zones? Employers want adaptable employees who are flexible with when, where, and how they work. Clarify on your resume if you can work remotely. And if you are willing to shift your work schedule, be sure to let potential employers know.


If you were laid off during COVID, don’t try to hide the layoff on your resume. Employers understand. In fact, many are specifically hunting for people who were laid off. Top talent is now more available, so employers see an opportunity to hire people like you who are not usually available. But if you were laid off during COVID, make some mention of what you did with your time.

COVID-19 changed a lot for employers and job seekers alike, and things keep changing. Prove you are prepared for a post-COVID work environment to get to the top of that pile of resumes. A quick resume refresh improves your chances of a callback.

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