How Construction Job Agencies Solve Issues with Fluctuating Workloads

Job site requirements change over time. Some weeks are so busy that keeping up means overtime for those with full time jobs and extra workers on the crew. Other weeks are spent more on quoting and securing work. Fluctuations become more noticeable for smaller companies, and in industries with more seasonal jobs. 

Unpredictability needs a flexible workforce. Paying for full time jobs when business slows down should be minimized to maintain profits. A flexible workforce comprised of independent contractors also wastes precious time and money if they are not always available. 

Balance Growth with Fluctuating Demands for Full Time Jobs

Most businesses decide to hire based on the current workload and that in the foreseeable future. And usually that works. But sometimes it is impossible to anticipate an immediate increased demand for crew members. Adding overtime hours adds additional expenses, and the risk of accident and injury due to overworking crews. Turn down work because you don’t have the crew to make the deadline, and your reputation tanks in no time.

For smaller projects, adding just 1 or 2 new workers to the crew can mean making a deadline. For larger projects, a greater influx of new skilled workers pushes the job ahead. 

Construction Job Agencies Solve Issues with Fluctuating Workloads 

So, what happens when a big project comes in? How do you handle an increased workload with the same crew? 

Likely, you have a roster of experienced independent contractors to tap into as required. Approaching them is the first step. But what happens when you get to the end of the list and still have positions to fill?

That’s where Construction Job Agencies step in. We build up a flexible workforce available on-call so you can reduce the number of full time jobs and balance your resources. Streamline the entire process of organizing your crew without the stress of trying to deal with fluctuating workloads. At Skilled Trades Agency, we’re here to help. Call today.