Staffing – What to Look for When Hiring Tradesmen

Your gut may tell you a lot. And when it comes to hiring tradesmen, do listen to your gut. But here’s a few more tips on what to look for. 

A Checklist for Staffing – Hiring Tradesmen


It may go without saying but be certain that when you are hiring tradesmen you check to be certain they have the trade skills you need. An excellent electrician makes a terrible plumber, but it is probably more subtle than that. A residential electrician may make a terrible commercial electrician, and vice versa.

Also, if you hire for customer contact, or working with a crew, imagine how the new tradesman will fit in. 

References and Reputation

As with any position, be sure to check any references and their industry reputation. Hire through an agency or expect to spend the time to do a lot of checking up. 


Skills are great, but sometimes they need a ticket. Check for registration on their personal ID cards or the industry register.

Pay Expectations

Check for pay expectations. Although the range is fairly narrow for most positions, hiring tradesmen means talking about pay expectations. Every trade has an internal ranking based on skill and experience. Pay expectations reflect that. Even a dollar an hour makes a difference. 

Work Hours

Lay out the expectations for a regular workday, and overtime, up front. If overtime is a regular feature on the job, many tradesmen consider it a bonus. And others are not so interested. Just be upfront about it to find the right candidate for your position. 

Internet Presence

When hiring anyone you can search for them on the internet. Recently a drywall boarder posted a photo of a skylight he boarded on his Facebook page. He was so proud of his work he wanted to share with others. Look for things like that. 


An interview is a standard part of the hiring process. Meeting with a tradesman will give you a picture for how they will fit with your crew. At the same time, remember that the interview is stressful, and interview skills are not required to perform well on the job. 

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