Why Construction Companies are Hiring Temporary Staff for their Project

There has been an increase in small to medium-sized construction companies employing temporary staffing for their workforce. Here’s why:

  • Companies can hire and release workers as they require
  • Candidates can be put to the test before any permanent hiring
Reduce Risk
  • All staff are pre-screened and qualified prior to starting on a project
  • All staff are fully insured and government compliant
Save Costs
  • Minimal training is required as staff already possess the skills needed to get the job done
  • Reduce overtime pay and hire temporary staff to do the extra work
Save Time
  • No more posting ads and filtering through hundreds of resumes
  • No more payroll processing and government administration
What makes Skilled Trades Agency different?
· Construction is our only focus. STA carefully screens all candidates and ensures that they can perform each role assigned.
· We have the largest pool of candidates and staff. STA spends 25% of all revenue on seeking new people. We post new ads on a daily basis and host monthly job fairs to ensure that our pool of candidates remain as strong as possible.
· Our rates are unbeatable. Specializing in construction allows STA to keep our rates as competitive as possible.